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When we were preparing for our wedding, we knew our honeymoon was not going to
be something we would take right after the ceremony.  This was because we had
relocated and started new jobs, and wanted to optimize the money available and
the time off available for our trip.  So, we kept our eyes on travel information
and tossed around a few ideas.  We stumbled across a wonderful tour company, Sceptre Tours, who deals
with Ireland travels.  Ireland was on our list of interests, as we both have
family roots (not immediate, but ancestry roots) in Ireland and we enjoy the
cuisine and the idea of the culture.  So when we found an AMAZING (and I mean,
AMAZING) deal on a trip, we knew this was IT!  We decided to send off our travel
information to our friends, because we wanted to open up the travel experience
opportunity in case others were interested.  I know it might sound odd, having
"others" on our honeymoon, but our theory was we spend our time in wonderful
Virginia Beach with great options for close travel and events together, and we
are farther from our friends, so why not share this experience with them, if
possible!  Besides, isn't everyday you spend with your new spouse your
"honeymoon" essentially?!?! Haha.  Well, in the end, we took the trip over
Memorial weekend 2012 with 6 other individuals.  Our travel partners included:
Jimmy Koch, Erik Willinger, Matt Keucker, Erin Keucker, Tiffany and Deryk. 

Our travels took us from Dublin - Waterford
Crystal Factory - Kilkenny- Kilkenny Castle - Smithwick's Factory - Killarney - Ring of Kerry Travel - Galway - Connemara - Dublin - Guinness Factory - Trinity College

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