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So one day I stopped at McDonald's and got a delicious little treat, otherwise known as the Iced Caramel Coffee.  While I was drinking it, I decided I should find a recipe for it and learn to make this on my own...thus saving $$$$ :-)

I stumbled across the webpage of Pioneer Woman in which she detail the process of making homemade Iced coffee. With the process in mind, I now had to go and get the ingredients (as I had NONE!).

Off I went to Walmart to pick up Seattle's Best Cinnamon Bun coffee grounds, coffee filters and CoffeeMate caramel.

Next step was to create my own version.  So here is my step-by-step process.  Hope you enjoy and maybe get inspired yourself!

I started with a large glass pyrex container, poured a mound of coffee grounds in and topped those with water.  I let that sit for at least 8 hours, although for my convienence, it seems they sit for longer.  
The items needed for making such a wonderous drink:
- strainer
- two coffee filters
- glass container to store in
- scoop of sorts

And then I reveal the coffee mixture, which I am sure is pure crack at this point. 

I then place the two coffee filters in the strainer and the strainer on the glass container.  It is now ready to begin the magic!

So now that I have filtered all the mixture through the strainer and coffee filters, I can begin to pour it into my coffee carafe! And from there...I can make my own iced coffee!
I pour the coffee concentrate atop ice cubes, then top off with milk and creamer to my desired likeness!
Teresa M
11/12/2011 07:09:47

Yum, I can't wait to try this. But wait, let coffee sit for 8 hours?? It never lasts that long at my house :)

9/30/2012 10:53:57

Love the Chicken Taco Chili!!!!


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