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Recently, we returned some items to Bed, Bath & Beyond, which resulted in some nice in-store credit.  We got some things we have been wanting or needing, but had a small portion left.  Josh mentioned that I can take the remainder and I can figure out whatever I want to use it on.  I have contemplated a lot of options, but one day it hit me. I wanted a Keurig coffee maker.  I am a regular to caffeine (guilty), and I have been trying to limit the amount of actual soft drinks I drink due to the fact that even if I drink "diet" it still is not that ideal for me.  I've also worked around the idea of iced coffee (which I LOVE iced coffee), but it required a lot of work (in the morning, I kinda get...lazy). I enjoy the flavor of coffee as long as it has FLAVOR to it, such as the milk/creamer or just if it is flavored coffee.  What sold me on the Keurig is the LARGE SELECTION of k cups of coffee.  (oh, also, should I mention that I REALLY do not know how to make real coffee? So, the idea of the k cups is perfect for me).  With my in-store credit, the Keurig was at a reasonable price for me to justify it, so off I went!  I also started with a flavor I have heard from friends/workers,  Coconut Mocha and Chocolate Raspberry Truffle.  I cannot mention how much I am love with this morning tradition!! I think so far, the Coconut Mocha is actually my favorite because even though it is a Medium roast compared to the Chocolate truffle which is a Light roast, the Coconut actually has more of a smooth flavor.  I just add milk into my travel mug (which also calms down the scalding temperature, which is one of the reasons why I prefer Iced > Hot coffee) and I am all set!

I am also open to many other flavors and ideas, if someone has them!!!

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