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While we were away for Thanksgiving, Josh's family had a spare evergreen wreath that essentially was unable to fit into his aunt's car.  Therefore, I RECEIVED A PRIZE!! I accepted the evergreen wreath and first thing I thought of was, "What should I do to this simple and naken wreath?!?!"

Well, if you've gotten to know me, you would know and realize what my next step was; PINTEREST search "evergreen wreath."

I found a wonderful idea, and chose to do a rendition of my own.  So while I was out shopping for my other holiday crafts (see no sew ruffled tree skirt below), I picked up some holiday ribbon and found a 9' strand of dual holiday beads in gold and cranberry red. 

I brought them home and got to work.  I had to do two trials, as the first trial I did I ran out of the holiday beads too soon. So I had to re-wrap the silver ribbon to fit the beads accordingly.  I was not nearly as thrilled with the look the second time, but I had to make do!

Once I completed the ribbon and holiday beads, I then had to create a bow for the top of the wreath (in this picture, one of the ribbons is slightly depressed :-( ). 

I just turned something simple, into something a little more festive and jolly.  And to top it off, every time I go to our door, I get excited that something I decorated is hanging on the door! (no better feeling than that, really!)

Hope this inspires you to some wreath decorations!!
For our Christmas tree, I knew that I would most likely not find a tree skirt that pleased me (not that I am entirely picky, but I did not have anything that was an heirloom, and nothing really out in the stores were catching my eye (AND were under a nice price!! - major kicker is the price!!).

You might already guess what my next move was.  PINTEREST!!  So I went on to pinterest and searched, tree skirts and then searched ruffled tree skirts.  What I found...was inspiring!!

This is the actual link I used as inspiration.  It's from HGTV at Home.

Ruffled Tree Skirt
    Items you will need:

- 48" tree skirt or larger (depending upon size of your tree and room)
- 5 1/2 to 6 yards of fabric (I used a fabric between burlap and cotton with a natural look to it)
- hot glue gun
- plenty of glue sticks
- pair of fabric scissors
- patience
- one Super Gulp Diet Coke :-) (not neccesary, but definitely helpful!)

- Start with a tree skirt!  I stumbled across this lovely little 48" tree skirt with such an adorable reindeer family on it at Big Lots for $8.  I picked this because of the durability of the skirt as well as the bottom had a satin/sheen fabric too it (impressed me).
- Preheat your hot glue gun.
- Use your fabric scissors and trim your fabric ruffles at least 2 inches wide (but I found more like 2 1/2 to 3 inch strips worked best for me)
- Essentially, create a large heap of fabric strips to begin with.  Or, if you'd prefer, just keep cutting until you have a MASSIVE heap of strips.  You will surprise yourself at how quickly you will go through the strips. 
- With your now hot, hot glue gun, begin gluing a line about 1 1/2 inches above the base of the tree skirt.  Only make a glue line about 1.5 feet long, as any further the glue will begin to cool before you get to ruffling!
- Once your glue line is placed, begin placing the fabric strip down and creat ruffles by pinching the strip with your fingers and pushing the gathered material down onto the glue strip. (I had to borrow the picture on the Left from the original site as I did not capture a photo of this important step!! Shame on me!)
- Continue this process all the way around the edge of the skirt. 
- Once you've completed one round, start the second round approx. 1.5 inches above the top of the first row.  Continue progressing until you have completed the entire skirt (this is where the Super Gulp Diet Coke comes in handy)
I decided to let the green skirt ties remain, as I enjoy the color and the only other satin ribbon I had on hand was also green.  Once the ruffled skirt is complete, place it around your beautiful tree...AND ENJOY!! 
And notice I used my remaining fabric to cover the stage for our Charlie Brown navivity set :-).

Hope this inspires you to add a little jazz to your tree skirt!! I know that I definitely enjoyed it and will most likely do again for any future trees we may have!