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We've been using Maker's Mark while entertaining to create Whiskey Sours (they've been a big hit around here, but maybe not nearly as huge of a hit as my Amaretto Stone Sours!). So when we finished one bottle, I knew this was way to precious and priceless to throw away.  Since living in Virginia Beach, it's fun to enjoy things from back home.  How lucky are we that this means we get to induldge in: bourbon, horseracing, baseball bats, singing happy birthday...and I'll stop there.  I don't want to sound like I'm bragging ;-)

So what were we talking about?? Oh yea, my new craft!!
I turned THIS....

                                                                                                            Into THIS!!!

I actually have to credit my brother for this inspiration.  A few christmas' ago, he turned a bottle of Bailey's Irish Cream into a soap dispenser for the Bailey's Christmas gift exchange.  Needless to say, it was a MAJOR hit!!  Here I am, a few years later, and decided to finaly put the plan into action!

To start the process, you will need a bottle of your choice (mine just happened to be Maker's, but it can work essentially with any good bottle) and a pump to work with.  This is where I struggled the most, because I did not have a lotion bottle with the desired look or neccessary length to use with this project.  So I traveled out to good ol' Kmart and found a tall bottle of Curel.  I chose this bottle for a few reasons. 1. It was very tall and 2. It had a silver pump (vs. others that were royal blue, etc and just would not work with what I wanted!!). When I got home, this is where I started!
Since I needed to use the pump to the lotion, and I couldn't fathom just tossing the lotion, I emptied it into a ziploc container and it is now resting comfortably in our bathroom (in a very, unappealing fashion; but het, it works!).  Then, since I did not want to mix lotion and dish detergent, I had to empty the pump and prime it for it's next purpose in life.  I stopped up the kitchen sink and let water gather.  I put the end of the tube in the water and pumped the dispenser until it began shooting primarily water vs lotion-y water.  Now, the pump was primed for it's next role.  But, there in lied another roadblock.  How to get the pump onto the liquor bottle so that it is removable for reuse, but it sturdy enough not to spill detergent all over the counter.  So I was a little flustered with the solution, and it required assistance from my brother.  He said he drilled a hole into the top of the lid to the liquor bottle enough so the pump would fit. That required another hefty procedure!
To get this job done, I needed to pull out the handy-dandy DeWalt drill/driver! I used the screwdriver side to cut out the wax atop the lid to create a circle.  Once I had an exposed circle on the lid, I could then drill a hole into the lid to begin the process.  Ironically, the drill bits we have were not large enough for the pump to fit all the way through.  So I used my next best thing; scissors!! By expanding the scissors a bit, I could establish a larger hole from my primed one.  Insert the scissors, expand and twist the scissors so that the edges of the scissors build up a larger circle surface. I now had a large enough opening for the pump to fit through!

Now, I needed to secure the lid to the pump, so that it was stable!
I was so eager to get this project complete, that while the topper was drying, I moved on to filling the bottle.  We had about half a bottle of orange detergent and a whole bottle of green detergent. So I poured all the green in first and topped it off with orange.  It created a nice appearance where the orange settled to the bottle and the green stayed on top. 
While you may think this was the end of the project...well, you'd be wrong.  Because the ultra picky crafter that I am realized that the wrapping on the bottle was made of paper.  And paper + water while doing dishes = disaster.  And I could not have a disaster of this beautiful project.  So, I pulled out my mod podge and mod podged the entire label to create not only a protective covering, but also a nice shine to the bottle.
And again, just when you think we are complete...I decide there is still something left to do.  As you'll notice, the top of the dispenser is while.  I just dont see how that is going to look so cohesive.  So I take a red sharpie marker that I have lying around, and sharpie that lid to pieces! As Josh is observing me Sharpie this top, he questions if it will just rub off with use.  But I assured him I only did the base, which should not receive any direct contact with your hands as you pump out the soap.

So I'd like to present you with the final project!  Enjoy! Now sit back, drink the rest of the liquor in your cabinet, and make crafts!
Thanks for taking the ride! If you make something else, let me know! I'd love to see it!!

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