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Well, my husband would have the answer to that one.  Most likely, I will be found on the living room floor; working on a craft.  It seems as if I have yet to become satisfied if I am just sitting around the house, lounging.  Therefore, I am driven to stalk Pinterest or any other DIY site for goodies.  One craft in particular, I completed prior to the discovery of Pinterest. 

My kitchen table and/or coffee table centerpiece (whichever table does not have food on it at the moment) was created from items I found at Garden Ridge.  I went shopping for a purpose; to find flowers, moss and a glass container to create a one-of-a-kind centerpiece.  This was my result:
So that was pre-pinterest days.  HA. As if I am referring to the dinosaur ages. But now I shall present my other Pinterest crafts.
I began my experience with an embroidered outline of our home state of Kentucky with a Fleur-de-lis pin right in the heart of our home city - Louisville (and for those of you who are not from the 'ville, the fleur-de-lis is the symbol associated with Louisville, most likely due to the connection Louisville has with the French royal family and King Louis).
For this project, I googled an image of KY, saved it as an image and printed it in the size I wanted (4x6). Then taped the outline onto a piece of cardstock I had and used an embroidery needle to puncture holes along the state outline and punctured a hole where Louisville is on the map. 
Then I used green thread (we love the color green) to "embroider" through the holes I had punctured.  In order to get a solid line, you can either double back stitch or go around the outline x2. Then placed the Fleur-de-lis pin in Louisville, framed it up...and TA-DAH!

The next project was rather simple; A barren tree with imprinted words from our wedding song.  Then two hearts with our individual initials and then a plaque with our wedding date on it. I say this was relatively simple, although I had to use a few steps.  I first looked up the words to our wedding song, copied it into Word, and found a unique typewriter font to use (Love Letters), and in order to make the whole page have words, I had to continue to copy and paste the lyrics until I had a full page.  I used a light brown cardstock I had and printed out the song. 
To creat the hearts, I knew I was going to have a hard time free-handing it, so again, I found heart JPEG that I liked, put them into Word and formatted the hearts with our initials.  Therefore, all I had to do was print out onto red cardstock and cut out the hearts. 
I free-handed the tree using a pencil and then cut out with scissors (duh - I know). From the scraps I had, I created a simple, yet whimsical plaque to cut out and used a sharpie to make the letters and outline look vintage.  Using the same green thread from KY embroidered state above, I taped and attached all the pieces together! and, guess what...TA-DAH!
I framed it in a floating frame that was provided to us as a wedding gift! :-)

My next project did not go entirely as smooth as the others.  I got the idea to print images onto tissue paper that is taped to regular printer paper.  Using the images, mod podge them onto canvas for a final look.  Well, easier said than done.  I was having problems with getting excessive ink blots on the images.  I tried even cleaning my printer, but was still having complications.  Therfore, I went ahead and mod podged the images onto the canvas. The mod podge then enhanced some of the ink blots, but I went for it.  We may be re-doing the images with a differen texture paper (but in the meantime, I went ahead and hung them on the wall ;-) ).
So far, those are my bigger of projects (although my mind is alwasy running about what the next project will be!!). So hang in tight and who knows when you will see another project pop up!!

If you have some great projects going, I'd love to see and hear about them!
Thanks for sharing with me.

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