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Hello, my name is Sarah, and I'm addicted to scrapbooking.  But I dont get restricted to just a "book."  I try to think outside of the book and go to more inspirational things.  I dont do "artsy" types of projects, rather just very simple yet elegant items.  Many people out there will do items with ribbons, buttons, etc (not to say that I dont at times...), but overall my pages are more about the pictures than about the additions.  Although, this may be due to the fact that I have sooooo many photos and I essentially fill up a page JUST with pictures.

So I figured I would share some of my most recent scrapbooking crafts.  As you will notice, they all have a common theme; Wedding.  This is because I am currently working on our wedding scrapbook :-) and cannot wait for it to be complete (hopefully by the holidays!).
I made these for my bridesmaids.  They are 12x12 scrapbook pages placed inside 12x12 frames (LOVE these frames!) The top left images are copies from the invitation I sent my bridesmaids in the mail, requesting their presence beside me during the wedding.  The bottom left image is of my bridesmaids and me prior to the ceremony with our flowers.  The top right image is an individual of them and me prior to the ceremony.  (the name should be self-explanatory) And the bottom right is a paragraph I wrote to each individual, thanking them for being my friend as well as being by my side during my wedding.  I cannot wait to hand these out to the when I see them next!! I love my girls!
I then created these two frame pages. The middle frame page includes photos of Josh and I together after ceremony, my "I DO" shoes and a photo of me.  The other frame page includes each of us with our own family (top left and right), us lighting our unity candle, all leading into a photo of Josh and I with both sets of our parents.  Essentially, a simple mathematical equation of two families united by love to create one family.
This is a large shadowbox I created using indivdual photos of Josh and me on top corners, our wedding invitation between the two photos and my garter that I wore with embroidered "S ♥ J" . Below the invitation is a picture of the two of us following the ceremony. I then took some silk gardenias I had in my room, removed them from the stems, cut off the tips and glued them into a "bunch." And the letters should be self-explanatory.  Our names, EST date and our last name now :-)

Hope you enjoyed looking at my projects and hope it inspires you!

Amanda Collard
11/4/2011 07:05:46


I love theses 12x12 frames, such a cute and cost-saving way to decorate! P.S. Miss you

11/6/2011 02:50:04

Hey lovey!

I adore all of your projects!! They are so cute! Like I have told you before, I wish I had your creativity!! I am the worst at them! Yours are so darn cute!! Love them all!! Love you too, of course!!!!! xoxo

11/12/2011 14:07:18

You are so creative and I love all your projects!


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