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My wonderfully talented cousin, Heather, has been working on establishing herself as a photographer and has been making quite an impact.  She recently relocated from KY to Boston, where her brother (my cousin), Trey, is stationed in the Coast Guard.  Upon relocating to Boston, Heather has solidified a spot as a photographer at Fenway Park with the Boston Red Socks.  She has begun to introduce herself as a photographer in the areas of: engagement, wedding, events and everyday living.  So, if you find yourself in the Boston area, look her up!
So, since its been over 3 months since our wedding (it seems like it was just yesterday!), I decided to put up some of our wedding pictures on here.  Especially since I've posted the pics of our "engagement-post wedding" session, I figured it was only suitable to post some wedding pics!!
I would like to thank Jolea Brown with Creative Photography for catching such great moments!! She is a great photographer in the Louisville, KY region!

Thanks for enjoying these pictures with me again!! I dont think I will ever get tired of looking at the pictures of our wonderful day!

Since our engagment was really chaotic with traveling, etc, Josh and I never got the opportunity to do typical engagment photos.  So, when we moved down the Virginia Beach, I did some hearty research and found a photographer that I believed took the cake!, which was Amy Sandoval Photography !  After back and forth discussion, we finally scheduled a session for October (obviously, after our August wedding) for an amazing location called First Landing State Park located around Broad Bay.  So we met up with Amy...and the rest is history!!
Here is link to Amy's blog of our session.  Needless to say, we had an amazing time and would definitely reccommend her to anyone in the Hampton Roads area, Virginia (or anyone traveling to the Hampton Roads area)!
So these are just a sample of the pictures (weebly wouldnt let me add more for free..silly thing, doesnt it know I'm trying to cost-effective!). But on Amy's blog you can see more!!

Thanks for taking a trip with us!