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The day was July 21st, the day that would change our lives from here on out. It was the day that I decided to take a test (one that I had not really studied for), and the answer was a Big Fat Positive! The past week I had been experiencing different things than my usual: I would come home and after dinner I was crashing (I normally never nap), I had this weird "warming" feeling from my abdomen (slightly hard to explain, but something just felt different), and whenever I was lying on the floor working with one of my little patients, I noticed an increased tenderness in the girls, and I just did not have the same appetite as normal. So on Sunday, I decided to break out one of the tests I had in the bathroom cabinet (I had some ready, for whenever the moment struck) and decide if I was just crazy, or if there just might be something. 

I think my heart began to beat way faster than is healthy for a stationary woman as soon as I began to see the vertical line turn the typical " - " to a big fat " + " within seconds. So the next thing on the agenda, was how to tell Josh. He currently was outside playing with the puppy, so I had a moment to make a plan. I quickly ran into my "baby gift box" which contained things I have picked up on sale that I knew would be a good gift for any mommies or mommies to be. I dug through and found one of the ducky ones I had picked up and wrapped the lovely stick inside, then placed them both within a Wal-Mart bag (classy, right?!). I placed the bag on Josh's side of the bed, and placed his phone on top.

When Josh came back inside, I told him that I thought I heard his phone go off. He went, picked up his phone, and looked at his phone for what seemed like a good 10 minutes (not really, but felt like it), he finally noticed the bag.
Josh: "What is this?"
Sarah: "Oh, um, just something I found in the closet that I think is yours."
Josh: "What?" (slowly opens up bag, sifts through it, pulls out the onesie, looks slightly confused until he sees the stick). "Umm, are these things accurate?" (smiling).

Once we came to the conclusion together, it was a wonderously happy moment. (Josh did have me pick up another test the next day, ya know, just to be sure).

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