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While we were away for Thanksgiving, Josh's family had a spare evergreen wreath that essentially was unable to fit into his aunt's car.  Therefore, I RECEIVED A PRIZE!! I accepted the evergreen wreath and first thing I thought of was, "What should I do to this simple and naken wreath?!?!"

Well, if you've gotten to know me, you would know and realize what my next step was; PINTEREST search "evergreen wreath."

I found a wonderful idea, and chose to do a rendition of my own.  So while I was out shopping for my other holiday crafts (see no sew ruffled tree skirt below), I picked up some holiday ribbon and found a 9' strand of dual holiday beads in gold and cranberry red. 

I brought them home and got to work.  I had to do two trials, as the first trial I did I ran out of the holiday beads too soon. So I had to re-wrap the silver ribbon to fit the beads accordingly.  I was not nearly as thrilled with the look the second time, but I had to make do!

Once I completed the ribbon and holiday beads, I then had to create a bow for the top of the wreath (in this picture, one of the ribbons is slightly depressed :-( ). 

I just turned something simple, into something a little more festive and jolly.  And to top it off, every time I go to our door, I get excited that something I decorated is hanging on the door! (no better feeling than that, really!)

Hope this inspires you to some wreath decorations!!

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